The people’s Commissioner.

For all of the people for all of the time

It was a real honour to be selected to represent Labour in the election for PCC.
Whilst clearly it is disappointing to come second, we came close enough to put the Tories on notice that they do not own Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.
Our campaign, particularly the way we took to the streets to meet people and talk about our vision to bring the police closer to the people, gained votes – it also forced the other candidates to adopt out agenda.
We should now look to build on the links that we have made to learn from each other and build our party so that we can become a more effective force throughout the whole area.
Thank you to all the comrades who gave me their support.
Over and out

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I do hope that people will recognise the skills that I can bring to the role of PCC and vote for me

I have made a short video to help explain how PCC ballots are different

As a firefighter I learnt that everything is possible.
As an academic I learnt it’s better to knock on doors than kick them down.
As a Cambridge City Councillor I have learnt that winning elections is possible if you listen to what people want and they trust you to do your best to achieve it.

Police and Crime Commissioner are elected to set the police’s priorities and budget
I believe my experience, as a firefighter for over 30 years, then as an academic who wrote ARU’s Public Service Degree and lectured on Policing, and now a Cambridge City Councillor makes me ideally suited to be the people’s choice to become PCC.

I have a vision for the police and this website explains what that vision is, and how and why I can achieve it.

Most of all I stand for a police service that provides what the residents of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough want.

Not a service that has been cut and privatised by Tory Politicians since 2010

My cuts will be to the 25% increase in violent crime and the increase in domestic violence for starters.

I am not a career politician. I have had a lifetime of public service experience and my recent service as a Cambridge City Councillor makes me ideally equipped to take on the role as ‘The People’s Commissioner’.

I would do this Commissioner’s job in an entirely different way with a real vision for change.

Speaking out to Paul Stainton (18-2-16) on how unfair it is for Cambridge Police to take the blame for the political failure of Cambridge PCC over domestic abuse.
Go to 22 minutes 17 seconds for lead into my comments.

Speaking with Chris Mann (15-2-16) Go to 1 hr 20 mins and 45 seconds to listen to my first interview after being announced as the candidate

My hustings speech

My video

The latest from the Government on the widening role of Police and Crime Commissioners

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